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How to grow a fox...

Last night's dream:

I was in the bathroom, and I had a brown paper bag with these long, greyish sticklike worms inside it. I decided to put them on the bathroom floor to see what would happen when they grow, and hid in the bath behind the shower curtain.

Within a few seconds, through the translucent curtain I saw them become these much larger, furrier creatures, and they were talking amongst themselves about how they wanted to clamber over the curtain and get to me. A few seconds more, and I could clearly see that they are these fox/painted hunting dog type creatures, and I become a bit too worried about having them all in my bathroom so close to me, so I freak out and the dream ends there...

Foxes signify cunning and possibly betrayal, and the fact that they have grown out of these worms may indicate that I shouldn't be so complacent about something or someone... hmmm *ponders*
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