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Evan's Dream Emporium
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in Evan's Dream Emporium's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
8:01 pm
In last night's dream I was walking through the town where I used to live (Stafford) and I went into the mall and walked past this record shop where one of my mates there used to work. I didn't recognise anyone else there, but there was quite a commotion going on:- one of the customers was having a fistfight with a long-haired guy at the till. Soon the fight was broken up, but then the customer started asking everyone else to join in on his attack on this other guy.

I think this is all psychologically derived from being an onlooker in a recent conflict between two people I know.
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
11:03 am
Hello, all. I love dreams, obviously, and trying to analyze their meanings. I'm also very interested in dream divination. This journal is my dream journal. It's friends only, but all you have to do is leave a comment if you want to read it! I'm also a member here under my other journal, midnightnymph.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
8:13 pm
Alex the flying hamster
I had a dream a little while before I woke up this morning:

I was in my room, the curtain was drawn and just a little yellow light was coming through. I saw a flying orange hamster, buzzing round the room using it's tail as a propellor, and realised that it was one of my work colleagues, Alex, in hamster form!

Anyways... I was a bit disturbed at his dream form and when he landed on the bed near me I shooed him off.

It's probably the fact that he has hamster-like cheeks and that he's an annoyance from time to time that explains this particular dream.
Thursday, May 19th, 2005
6:37 pm
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
2:49 pm
faces without eyes
the latest one i had was there was a wall to the left and silent motionless people were standing to the right of the wall, they didnt move or say anything but what was most striking about them was that they had no eyes, i dont mean empty eye sockets, i mean nothing at all where the eyes should be. I wasnt scared as such but felt very unnerved and disturbed by their presence. I cant find anything at all for a meaning of "eyeless faces" or "no eyes"

Current Mood: curious
Monday, April 18th, 2005
7:11 pm
Sunday morning's epic
Here's another fucking biggie, very strange and very memorable:

The dream started in a disabled home, and there were various people around with no legs. I was helping myself to the buffet in the huge canteen. The seats were green, as was one disabled old lady sitting at the bar.

I then saw a commotion on a nearby rooftop. The dream suddenly changed into me being inside a videogame. I had a fight with this guy in a red masked suit, also wearing Dr. Octopus-style mecha limbs. I panicked and rushed to escape, then I was running through this industrial area, avoiding these spinning circles of white light and collecting golden keycards(!)

Soon the dream went back to pseudo-reality and I was in a village, trying to break into various houses in order to hide.

I found my friend further down, beside a nearby church. We split up to try and find a particular foodstuff in the local shops (I can't remember what it was!) in order to provide medical help for some undisclosed condition.

I walked into a shop, but because this was the future (well, I got the feeling it was for some reason!), there wasn't much in the way of familiar stuff available - just some strange liquids and foodstuffs.

I bought a couple of things - and some thoughts came to me near the end of the dream, e.g. that myself and my friend were in a coma from a car accident, and that I was the only one who was to wake up from the dream world. According to my parents and another friend I was apparently lucky to be alive!
Monday, April 4th, 2005
8:47 am
aliens and storms
had some weird dreams last night, not disturbing though, some kind of alien possession where dents and circles kept appearing inside on the walls of the house and yellow liquid filling ppls mouths, breaking three glasses, the house was on top of a cliff edge with a storm raging outside and the waves crashing against the side of the cliff, then smt about a glass elevator where the plants suffocated the ppl inside then being somewhere on a housing estate and seeing this gigantic black dog roaming around (obviously terror at this stage in my dream :D ); probably just a culmination of lots of mixed up day to day stuff

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
1:32 pm
Cartoon vikings!
Quite an interesting dream or two last night:

One where I was chased around these sewers by a bunch of cartoon viking-like beings who were like silhouettes with large white eyes - actually they looked a bit like the bad guys out of Paper Mario 2 (can't remember what they were called).

In another I dreamt I was in this huge city that was a bit like one of those Italian or French cities that have kept their traditional backstreet feel. I was running about this maze of identical-looking streets trying to get somewhere. The strange thing was that when I went through some areas I reached places that seemed really familiar to me from previous dreams - e.g. a foresty hill I was walking over with a couple of friends. Perhaps this is part of my own vision of the astral plane? I'm rather intrigued...

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
7:12 pm
Dream in near-sleep state
Last night I had difficulty sleeping due to the warmth of the room, and a series of dreamlike images came to me in a half-sleep state. Here are some:

- I heard a voice going "I am calling you from the underworld!" (slightly scary, that! But cool...)
- A woman with black hair in a dark cloak came to me saying she wanted to ask me three questions. As if another witch saw me as part of the spirit world and tried to contact me.
- I saw myself as having eyes embedded in my elbows and knees.

Make of that what you will...

Current Mood: weird
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
7:37 pm
In my dream last night, I was walking home with people from work, down the main road from the Gyle estate. Two of them (Bruce and Sarah-Jane) suddenly flew away on the breeze, high into the air and over the horizon, hanging on to their briefcases as if they were devices to aid their flight.

The rest of us played a game which was almost like football with the planet Earth - we could move the ground beneath us with our feet and cause each other to slip around etc.
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
6:21 pm
Now, things are getting really abstract
There were two bits of dream that I vividly remember from last night (brace yourselves, we're talking borderline lunacy here):

- One where I was standing on a beach and hundreds of blue tanks whizzed past me. I then saw some of these tanks go inside a very large blue tank (I'm talking "Jawa transport from Star Wars" size) that emerged from the sea. I then remember seeing several of these very large tanks going up the path from the beach.

- Another I was in this crevasse at the top of a mountain (very volcanic, dark rock), and whenever I entered an inlet in the side of the crevasse I entered a computer program (!) where I was messing about with these yellow web forms, trying to fix them for my bitch of an ex-boss!

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, February 26th, 2005
1:02 pm
Less weird - more scary!
In my dream last night, I was savaged by a dog in this house. However, I could see that the people in the house (at least one of whom is a work colleague, and who I get on really well with anyway) are chattering away and ignoring me. I can hear myself screaming for help in the background, and each time I try to vary my plea in the hope that one will be noticed among the chatter. However, I find that I can never shout loud enough to get through to them.

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
9:25 am
latest dream... i had murdered two ppl, i dont know who they were or how id murdered them, that wasnt the point, the main focus of the dream was the panic and how i was going to get rid of the bodies, i thought of lowering them out of the window (i was in my bedroom with the bodies) but then i thought ppl would see, so then i thought of hiding them (not possible) then the horror of the realisation that i was going to be sent to prison for murder and locked up for life so i had no other option than to commit suicide, thats when i woke up and (eventually) with huge relief realised that it was just a dream....PHEW!!!

i think that was the worst dream ive ever had....:\
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
7:45 pm
lyle lovett!?
ok i had this weird dream last night, Ive been having alot of weird dreams lately, mostly involving pain and violence :\ (fun yeah i know) some I cant remember, some I can, this one last night began where I was in my house then suddenly a man appeared and said he was going to read my palm for me, so i went to make him a cup of coffee, I remember being slightly confused as to why this man had just walked into my house...anyway I cam back into the room and the man said "oh heres Lyle Lovett" *what!?* he's going to read your palm too :) thats nice I thought still slightly perplexed...next thing I knew i was on an escalator which was going up, getting faster and faster, I felt suffocated, someone was telling me to breathe and the next thing I was on an out of control roundabout spinning into oblivion.. :\

and that was it, I just wondered does anyone look up the interpretations of their dreams? I found this site to be great although I havn't looked ^that one up yet :)

7:14 pm
How to grow a fox...
Last night's dream:

I was in the bathroom, and I had a brown paper bag with these long, greyish sticklike worms inside it. I decided to put them on the bathroom floor to see what would happen when they grow, and hid in the bath behind the shower curtain.

Within a few seconds, through the translucent curtain I saw them become these much larger, furrier creatures, and they were talking amongst themselves about how they wanted to clamber over the curtain and get to me. A few seconds more, and I could clearly see that they are these fox/painted hunting dog type creatures, and I become a bit too worried about having them all in my bathroom so close to me, so I freak out and the dream ends there...

Foxes signify cunning and possibly betrayal, and the fact that they have grown out of these worms may indicate that I shouldn't be so complacent about something or someone... hmmm *ponders*

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
7:28 pm
Let's take a ride on the llama bus!!!!
Another dream (night before last)... this one I can only remember a minute or two of:

I am in a desert with a bunch of people who I don't know, and I remember seeing this large llama-shaped, dark green vehicle with lots of windows, like a coach or bus. I can also remember these two silver cars (one was definitely a Mercedes) and they were ramming into each other though not getting terribly damaged...

Interpretation: A desert may suggest isolation or being in a place that is of no interest to you. According to 'The Complete Book Of Dreams' by Edwin Raphael, a llama could represent success in a merchandising business, cars represent making good business overcoming obstacles. Perhaps I will make something out of bad, lonely circumstances?
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
2:48 pm
Dream early this morning...
This is a really strange, lengthy one so here goes:

The first part of the dream I remember is that I was in this corner shop, and there were a load of people waiting at the tills. When it came to my turn, the shopkeepers ignored me and started serving customers behind me - so I throw a tantrum and walk out, then someone accuses me of acting like a 14 year old.

I can't remember what happened immediately afterwards, but it led to me wading across this large but shallow lake in the hills with a group of other people. The fog came down but we trusted the leader of the group to get us to safety.

We eventually reached the other side, then we walked uphill, up this path through a wooded area. I had a play swordfight with one of the other guys in the group, and I discover that I am not very agile, so I complain that "I am not as agile as I used to be".

We proceed further up the hill and the path turned into what looked like a catacomb. There were little alcoves and various animals (e.g. a raccoon) in them. Out of a window-type gap I overlooked what seemed to be a cemetry. Above me I could see loads of different birds flapping about, and some flew into me and latched onto my hair. Luckily, I got out via an exit on the right - and saw what looked like a cave that had been converted into a building of sorts, with a purple window covering one of the openings.

The other opening was a ticketed entry point, and I got inside. The inside of this place was a sort of restaurant. It was very bright, there were buffet tables with food and loads of people sitting on couches. The atmosphere was very party-like, but there were a few strange touches: there were these large silver worms wearing masks, tied to the floor with strings, and I clambered over the furniture in an attempt to avoid touching them. There were also birds (e.g. parrots) tied to the ceiling with strings.

I huddled in to a corner, then one of the waitresses sprayed me with perfume that she said would attract dogs. Several black dogs suddenly huddled into me, and one of them held onto my arm and started talking to me.

Suddenly this girl with vampire-like teeth tried to suck my blood using what looked like a grey tube. On the end of the tube was this grille with what looked like the pointy end of a staple sticking out, presumably to pierce my skin. I struggled to get all of the dogs and this person off of me, and when I managed it I threw a tantrum and smashed some things on the floor.

Afterwards, I said the following to a nearby (Chinese?) waitress: "Someone accused me of acting like a 14 year old, and well yes I AM ACTING LIKE A 14 YEAR OLD!!!" I then asked if I was being kicked out and the waitress nervously said "Yeah, I guess so!" I asked if I could get all my stuff and she was okay with that.

The dream ended as I was collecting my stuff...
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