Magenta (angel_chromatic) wrote in dream_emporium,

lyle lovett!?

ok i had this weird dream last night, Ive been having alot of weird dreams lately, mostly involving pain and violence :\ (fun yeah i know) some I cant remember, some I can, this one last night began where I was in my house then suddenly a man appeared and said he was going to read my palm for me, so i went to make him a cup of coffee, I remember being slightly confused as to why this man had just walked into my house...anyway I cam back into the room and the man said "oh heres Lyle Lovett" *what!?* he's going to read your palm too :) thats nice I thought still slightly thing I knew i was on an escalator which was going up, getting faster and faster, I felt suffocated, someone was telling me to breathe and the next thing I was on an out of control roundabout spinning into oblivion.. :\

and that was it, I just wondered does anyone look up the interpretations of their dreams? I found this site to be great although I havn't looked ^that one up yet :)
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