pentagramwearer (pentagramwearer) wrote in dream_emporium,

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Cartoon vikings!

Quite an interesting dream or two last night:

One where I was chased around these sewers by a bunch of cartoon viking-like beings who were like silhouettes with large white eyes - actually they looked a bit like the bad guys out of Paper Mario 2 (can't remember what they were called).

In another I dreamt I was in this huge city that was a bit like one of those Italian or French cities that have kept their traditional backstreet feel. I was running about this maze of identical-looking streets trying to get somewhere. The strange thing was that when I went through some areas I reached places that seemed really familiar to me from previous dreams - e.g. a foresty hill I was walking over with a couple of friends. Perhaps this is part of my own vision of the astral plane? I'm rather intrigued...
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