pentagramwearer (pentagramwearer) wrote in dream_emporium,

Sunday morning's epic

Here's another fucking biggie, very strange and very memorable:

The dream started in a disabled home, and there were various people around with no legs. I was helping myself to the buffet in the huge canteen. The seats were green, as was one disabled old lady sitting at the bar.

I then saw a commotion on a nearby rooftop. The dream suddenly changed into me being inside a videogame. I had a fight with this guy in a red masked suit, also wearing Dr. Octopus-style mecha limbs. I panicked and rushed to escape, then I was running through this industrial area, avoiding these spinning circles of white light and collecting golden keycards(!)

Soon the dream went back to pseudo-reality and I was in a village, trying to break into various houses in order to hide.

I found my friend further down, beside a nearby church. We split up to try and find a particular foodstuff in the local shops (I can't remember what it was!) in order to provide medical help for some undisclosed condition.

I walked into a shop, but because this was the future (well, I got the feeling it was for some reason!), there wasn't much in the way of familiar stuff available - just some strange liquids and foodstuffs.

I bought a couple of things - and some thoughts came to me near the end of the dream, e.g. that myself and my friend were in a coma from a car accident, and that I was the only one who was to wake up from the dream world. According to my parents and another friend I was apparently lucky to be alive!
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