pentagramwearer (pentagramwearer) wrote in dream_emporium,

Dream early this morning...

This is a really strange, lengthy one so here goes:

The first part of the dream I remember is that I was in this corner shop, and there were a load of people waiting at the tills. When it came to my turn, the shopkeepers ignored me and started serving customers behind me - so I throw a tantrum and walk out, then someone accuses me of acting like a 14 year old.

I can't remember what happened immediately afterwards, but it led to me wading across this large but shallow lake in the hills with a group of other people. The fog came down but we trusted the leader of the group to get us to safety.

We eventually reached the other side, then we walked uphill, up this path through a wooded area. I had a play swordfight with one of the other guys in the group, and I discover that I am not very agile, so I complain that "I am not as agile as I used to be".

We proceed further up the hill and the path turned into what looked like a catacomb. There were little alcoves and various animals (e.g. a raccoon) in them. Out of a window-type gap I overlooked what seemed to be a cemetry. Above me I could see loads of different birds flapping about, and some flew into me and latched onto my hair. Luckily, I got out via an exit on the right - and saw what looked like a cave that had been converted into a building of sorts, with a purple window covering one of the openings.

The other opening was a ticketed entry point, and I got inside. The inside of this place was a sort of restaurant. It was very bright, there were buffet tables with food and loads of people sitting on couches. The atmosphere was very party-like, but there were a few strange touches: there were these large silver worms wearing masks, tied to the floor with strings, and I clambered over the furniture in an attempt to avoid touching them. There were also birds (e.g. parrots) tied to the ceiling with strings.

I huddled in to a corner, then one of the waitresses sprayed me with perfume that she said would attract dogs. Several black dogs suddenly huddled into me, and one of them held onto my arm and started talking to me.

Suddenly this girl with vampire-like teeth tried to suck my blood using what looked like a grey tube. On the end of the tube was this grille with what looked like the pointy end of a staple sticking out, presumably to pierce my skin. I struggled to get all of the dogs and this person off of me, and when I managed it I threw a tantrum and smashed some things on the floor.

Afterwards, I said the following to a nearby (Chinese?) waitress: "Someone accused me of acting like a 14 year old, and well yes I AM ACTING LIKE A 14 YEAR OLD!!!" I then asked if I was being kicked out and the waitress nervously said "Yeah, I guess so!" I asked if I could get all my stuff and she was okay with that.

The dream ended as I was collecting my stuff...
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